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Dhingia Fashion Buzz at MVFW23 Decentraland

Updated: Apr 12

Holding an event during Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland (DCL) is a significant achievement, and we are thrilled for the opportunity to showcase our skills and creativity through designing and hosting a 4-day festival. Standing high into the DCL sky, we designed a 64-parcel build that served as the perfect setting for our fashion-themed events. Our team meticulously crafted each parcel, ensuring every detail was perfect, creating an overall aesthetic that was visually stunning.

Brought to life by top-notch audio visual production and a diverse lineup of live DJs like Category 5, Mr.Swe and Steve Saiko, we offered an immersive experience with and exciting soundtrack for guests to dance and party the night away. We were so pleased to see party goers praising us for creating an event they wouldn’t soon forget.

Ensuring visitors to Dhingia Fashion Buzz were engaged and entertained was a priority for our team. Each festival day, we offered a variety of events from parties, to interactive activities and games, and of course fashion shows showcasing digital wearables by some of Decentraland’s talented designers. Our goal was to provide a platform for these designers to reach a wider audience and display their unique creations in a fun and immersive way. Larger-than-life models circled the runway while kiosks displayed everything from futuristic outfits to classic designs. We felt it was important to give each designer ample space to showcase their work and to provide a seamless experience for attendees to browse through the different collections. Our team worked closely with each designer to ensure that their vision was fully realized and their wearables looked their best in the virtual environment.

Guests could be seen running all around the venue collecting hidden cubes as they competed to earn points and win the grand prize of Mana or one of the other great rewards. The game was designed to offer an interactive, challenging, and fun activity and we awarded over 50 players a legendary wearable for their outstanding efforts.

We wanted to create a sense of community to festival goers, while adding an extra level of incentive and engagement through friendly competition. This proved to be a huge hit as the chatbox was consistently buzzing with participants comparing how many cubes they’d picked up.

We also deployed a cube collection game on the build that proved to be a huge hit with our attendees. The game was designed to be a fun and interactive way for our guests to engage with the festival and earn rewards for their participation. The game involved collecting a set number of cubes that were hidden throughout our build. Each cube collected earned the player a certain amount of points, with the highest collector of cubes earning the grand prize of mana and other rewards. In addition to the grand prize, we also awarded over 50 players with a legendary wearable for their outstanding efforts in the game. This helped to incentivize players to keep collecting cubes and added an extra level of excitement to the festival. The cube collection game was a huge success and added an element of friendly competition to the festival. Our attendees loved the game and the rewards that came with it, and it helped to create a sense of community among the festival-goers.

Providing a platform for talented designers and contributing to elevating digital wearables in the metaverse fashion scene through this build is a project we are very proud of. Our team is pleased with what we achieved during Metaverse Fashion Week and are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our talents. Celebrating this success, we can’t help but look forward to the future and to creating even more unique and unforgettable experiences for everyone in the metaverse to explore.

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